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1917 - 2019

At the height of their First World War, two young soldiers, Blake and Schofield are given a seemingly impossible mission. In a race against time, they deliver a note that will stop a deadly attack on hundreds of troops Blake's own brother and have to cross enemy land.


2022-10-02 02:54:41
Wonderful....even years ago without modern day technology...it shows that the indomitable Human Spirit , Courage Determination and Duty really won ALL the Battles...Honor goes without saying,.
2023-05-12 09:26:31
this movie is highly recommended for people that like history
2023-01-05 11:35:35
all is quiet on the western front is amazing as well
2023-01-04 08:48:02
i have watched this movie so many times its crazy
2022-11-10 11:59:59
it was an excellent movie.
2022-12-03 00:43:11
Was this based on true events?
2024-01-18 13:28:04
I have to watch this movie for a school assignment...
2022-09-27 19:47:03
Great Movie !!