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211 - 2018

Inspired by a few of the longest and bloodiest real-life events in authorities history,'' Officer Mike Chandler and a civilian passenger end up under-prepared and out gunned when fate places them squarely in the crosshairs of a daring bank heist in advance by a daring team of highly-trained and heavily-armed men.


2022-08-30 03:11:06
Another great Cage movies!! Why doesn't he isn't N more movies? idk? I try 2 watch them all Bcuz he is a great actor!! His characters R always different. IDGAF Cage is the best .
2023-04-16 03:27:37
Don't know how I missed this movie when it came out. Nic Cage should run for President, if Ronald Wayne Ragan can win, the Nic Cage should be a shoe in. Lol
2023-01-16 04:36:14
ok. I liked it but so many little things are wrong. couldn't get passed the army dudes saying ooh-rah!. WTF? LOVE NICK CAGE!!
2023-04-10 10:34:57
Michael Rainey Jr We all know he will pull the trigger
2023-06-26 00:21:52
good but just another bank heist gun battle
2024-04-01 11:37:51
Jackson Mississippi 💫 YES YES YES 💫
2023-05-21 08:51:15
a very good movie. not a dull moment
2023-01-18 06:18:50
⁰p] l ......,,>