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8 - 2019

Seeks atonement.


2024-02-20 09:36:09
I've seen better y'all should watch the Bee keeper now that's a damn good movie this one not so much
2024-02-19 07:55:02
I loved it and any 1 else who did should watch Serpent and the Rainbow
2024-02-23 09:06:03
mm chicken feet ain't had any good chicken feet in over 2 years. not much meet on em but you cook up a mess of like 51 you got a meal. but always eat an odd number can't take both feet from the little guys they gotta have some means of transportation
2023-03-31 08:41:04
I feel it was a very good movie just emurse and pay attention is all
2024-02-22 00:58:04
great movie and I hate movies like this one but this one was and is a great movie and I watch a lot of movies alot this movie u won't regret watching the ending was a twist
2024-02-18 04:54:44
That's what's a damn good movie. Love the ending Twist but good..
2024-02-18 14:46:37
I can see why so many say it's bad and so many say it's good...it's both.
2024-02-19 10:00:32
I died in the beginning. mouth stretched open black oozing off the lips . did he I mean really ... lol nice