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Abigail - 2019

A girl Abigail resides in a city whose borders were closed many years ago as a result of an epidemic of a disorder that is mysterious. Abby's dad was one of those ailing - when she was five years of age and he had been removed. Going from the government to locate his dad, Abby learns that her city is obviously high in magic. And she finds in herself abilities that are charming that are exceptional.


2024-04-14 02:50:50
this doesn't sound at all like the Abigail movie I was waiting for🤔
2024-04-12 08:09:48
this movie is awesome, I loved the movie, I really wasn't expecting a great movie but I am glad I watch it, it was captivating and the girl Abby is so cute and so beautiful and love her personality and voice, it was cool that she was put into this character and being nice that
2024-04-08 23:03:13
it was alright really slow they could of had better lines and did way more to pull the story together and better actor for the main girl, she was just to nice and sweet for the movie all together but cool story tho
2024-04-12 08:15:06
shows that even when you out to save the people you love, you don't need to be mean as long as you have the confidence that you have the right idea to do the right thing, what I don't understand is that this is made in another language and thought they were dubbed but they do Eng
2024-04-22 06:57:24
thought the Abigail 2024 vamp would have been out by now. maybe tomorrow! you guys do good work. thanks for what you guys do for us who pay for it. for those who dont!... quit your chirping about the quality and all. be patient or get bent. make your choice pheasant [00
2024-04-14 09:58:23
Wait I thought this was the movie when they kidnapped a vampire? what the hell did I just watch
2024-03-09 21:58:42
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2024-04-19 05:43:47
bet these people have no idea why everyone is searching for this shity movie seemingly out of the blue. THIS IS THE WRONG ABIGAIL $#%$#%# DAMNIT