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Alien Overlords - 2018

A man learns about alien agendas from a dying agent and feels compelled to warn the world about the impending danger.


2023-07-14 11:12:43
if I were him, I would not trust Anne or that other lady who tried to get him to go and see a psychiatrist👈 don't trust that girl! do not give her no footage or anything! I believe him! there's a lot of crookiness going on in this country.🤨😤🤔🤬🖕 allegedly🤬
2023-07-14 11:52:50
I wish I have personally met this guy! I would have definitely watched his back! no one's to be trusted really. the trickery in this world is real. there is an agenda. allegedly . Tom was with me itch😡🤬🖕
2023-07-14 11:17:54
he needs to stop telling Ann everything! they are using her to get to him! allegedly I hope to God he don't play into their games😤😡🤬
2023-07-14 11:39:13
if you think about it all of the things he are stating is happening as we speak! I would have protected this guy at all cost!
2022-12-14 02:56:13
so many things inside with what this movie talks about. flu thing was COVID a bio engineered flu ....
2023-07-14 12:06:57
RIP TOM gone but will NEVER be forgotten 😟💔🙏😓😔
2023-07-14 11:19:28
they're playing mind games with him now🤔
2022-12-26 10:05:26
I couldn't find this movie trailer on YouTube. now I know why