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Two kids play a game with their sadistic older cousin and awaken a cruel entity knows as "The Skarrow."


2023-09-05 13:40:01
are gooks considered to be human beings? I know niggers are known to be animals, but what about gooks ????
2023-09-04 21:17:16
creepy but not scary overall a pretty good movie
2023-09-22 22:50:52
These racist r like those from wrong turn & the hills have eyes. They are dirty, ugly, & hide in the dark shadows. Fucking their mothers, fathers, sisters & brothers like it's natural & scared to come and show themselves. Come out from hiding show urselves and then talk dat shit.
2023-09-05 05:15:17
this movie is ass there isn't anymore scary movies out there in the world..this is pathetic
2023-09-05 07:30:50
corny psycho at the farm ....I guess it would be scary to a 10 year old but not to me ,and I'm in love with great horror flicks.
2023-09-06 13:41:04
They could have lied and said that one the dead did it and then killed themselves. But not bad.
2023-09-04 23:20:21
better than most movies these days 7 outta 10
2023-09-05 13:03:49
I loved this but I wanted to see some more dyke action