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Amy Winehouse: The Price of Fame - 2020



2024-04-30 03:22:30
Amy was very talented. It's too bad the path she was led down by Blake. No he wasn't the sole to blame, she played her part. But he sure didn't help her case any either. She could have been so much more! RIP Amy
2024-02-12 01:35:14
you know what every online this documentary it's all white people but Amy was black just check her DNA family history.
2024-05-19 16:12:24
Who gives a FK if she was or had black ancestorie! Racist BS has no place in this. she was GREAT no matter what fools chime in R.I.P AMY all types loved you
2024-02-12 01:59:32
yes she has Soul and she's not white.
2024-02-12 02:01:03
who's and where's her biological Mother.