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Back on the Strip - 2023

Merlin moved to Las Vegas in the hopes of becoming a famous magician but gets waylaid by his natural gifts and a place with the black male strippers The Chocolate Chips.


2023-08-26 19:56:49
this movie is corny, dumb, stupid, lame and just fucked up!!and Tiffany if it will keep you from acting I will damn sure come in your back door!! LMAO
2023-08-29 01:15:53
this is not a dumb movie!! it's a cute story about finding yourself!! Definitely watch!
2023-08-24 22:25:18
need update version to HD Version
2023-09-02 13:09:41
I thought 💬 it was a cute movie to watch, and funny. It was deff a lil rough in the bad language department. But over all hunny..
2023-08-27 10:06:38
Until this point the movie wasn't bad, but downplaying and insulting the Lord by grinding in the church that way is a little nuts don't you think. Hollywood either makes remakes or movies that just don't have much appeal in my opinion.
2023-08-30 06:12:43
I could have went without the commissary but it's not that bad little cheesy but I enjoy
2023-08-29 23:19:41
stop hating on tiffany. I loved this movie!!!!!
2023-08-26 07:10:09
they need to stop letting Tiffany be around kids she has no filter