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Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe - 2022

In 1998's Beavis and Butt-Head, a "creative" judge sentences them to Space Camp. Their docking simulator preoccupation leads to a disastrous Space Shuttle journey. They emerge from a black hole in our time looking for love, misusing iPhones, and being persecuted by the Deep State. No goals.


2022-11-16 10:00:45
for anybody that doesn't like this your not true fans of Beavis & butthead they are two burn outs trying to score smoke a blunt like me watch it again and thank me later because this is hilarious if you look at it through a burn out state of mind
2022-11-13 15:21:09
Beavis should have been dead after being upside down in the toilet for so Entertainment over Reality, I love movies
2022-07-30 06:05:40
best movie ever
2022-10-17 08:44:02
this movie was absolutely terrible
2022-11-13 15:29:19
lol.. I am Cornholio cornholio cornholio.
2023-05-16 13:21:05
To funny 😂🤣. liked this movie
2022-09-11 17:15:13
I haven't seen this in such a long time
2022-12-17 06:25:21
this is awesome