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Belzebuth - 2019

While leading to police investigation of a massacre at a public school at the border of Mexico and U.S.A, special Agent Emanuel Ritter joins this strange instance to the growing and coming of this early demon Belzebuth. But in order to halt the course of infanticides, before handling the forces of good and bad Ritter will have to confront himself.


2024-05-11 19:35:24
they finally fixed the problem with the Spanish subtitles and I was able to watch the movie plus there was no ads during this movie so Thank you Wodfix as for the movie it was really worth watching 😁👍
2024-04-16 01:40:48
I stand corrected you can read subtitles
2024-02-27 03:36:50
what does it mean when it says can't find subtitles collecting? well collect faster Wodfix because I want to watch this movie and don't speak Spanish 🤷🙎🏻
2024-04-16 01:38:23
just watch it on your tablet you can't cast it to TV with the subtitles