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Benji - 2018

Two school children strike a friendship up with an orphaned puppy. When threat befalls them and they end up kidnapped by robbers that are in over their heads, Benji and his scruffy side kick arrive at the rescue.


2022-12-28 12:03:52
I love her, they made me crying because it's a dog, and I have a dog, I believe in God guys, the best it made me cry so much, I don't know why this movie has I'm like, ah, like something in it thatmakes you cry, thank you for the creators who made
2023-06-29 08:19:36
good movie has the heart and soul of the original from the 1970?'s
2023-09-07 05:56:16
good movie for a hero dog🥺
2022-12-29 03:59:28
I feel very sad for the dog
2023-10-28 10:19:33
Pretty good movie