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Body Cam - 2020

Cops involved with covering up a murder by getting rid of their body cam video footage find themselves haunted by an evil spirit.


2024-02-03 14:18:05
how stupid...the "mother" and the neighbors are seriously going to be mad that the cops were talking to the child? be mad at the mom...ugh, young children should not be in a road playing alone with no adult supervision in don't want police around? don't break
2024-01-30 15:47:01
Me: Why you still up? You: Trying to find a good movie to help me sleep. Me: You know yo ass gotta be up in 6hrs. But ya you finally found a good movie...
2024-02-06 01:37:27
this was surprisingly good. I wasn't expecting the greatest from a branch of Paramount, they usually save the AAA better movies for their theatrical launches and marketing. the fact that this is Paramount playas and it was this good compared to some of the other Paramount movies
2024-01-15 07:49:30
surprisingly good at least way better than I was expecting and definitely worth watching
2023-06-10 04:37:21
I've watched this movie alot of times. One of the greatest revenge movies ever!💯👍🤩
2023-06-12 07:49:25
corrupted cops and ghost that's the first I expected something different by the name of the title
2024-02-03 09:07:40
okay I wasn't expecting a lot of this movie but it is pretty good Mary did a great job good story
2024-02-02 06:13:06
now that's how a horror movie is supposed to be