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Candy Cane Lane - 2023

A man, determined to win the neighborhood's annual Christmas decorating contest, makes a pact with an elf to help him win. However, the elf casts a spell bringing the twelve days of Christmas to life, bringing chaos to the small, unsuspecting town.


2023-12-04 14:41:00
I don't like this time of year because my kids mum don't let me see them but I had to watch this because of Eddie Murphy this film is brilliant my daughter will love this film when I do see my kids again I'm going to watch this with my daughter
2023-12-04 23:40:52
I mean the acting, special effects,plot,the music every thing about this movie deserves a ten!! shame on this app for not giving it a better rating great Christmas movie people enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! of [06
2023-12-04 19:13:21
Me and my wife just watched this movie.It's great Eddie Wonderful Job Huge Fan since Raw we have every movie you made and appeared in...
2023-12-03 04:45:32
2023-12-08 01:02:10
I apologize there's something wrong with my talk to text I said I haven't seen Eddie Murphy in anything in a while it was good to see him in a movie and so family-oriented I wanted to correct that real quick
2023-12-03 21:01:52
I don't do Christmas movies... this is a HIT I love this movie.
2023-12-08 02:26:31
los so many family members 3 yrs ago ever since then Xmas and every holiday has been nothing but my lady n me with our dog after losing 6 family members in 1 yrs 2020-2021 rip love u all wish u all were here
2023-12-08 21:59:44
Kyle Just give your problems and worries to GOOD and I promise that you will see your kids sooner than you think from a father to a father I do respect any father that loves their kid because I had to raise my daughter alone just keep head up my friend because GOD is able