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Captain America: Civil War - 2016

Following events old of Ultron, an action designed to govern most of superhuman activity is passed by the governments of the world. Opinion polarizes one of the Avengers, causing two factions with Iron Man or Captain America, that induces an epic conflict between former allies to side.


2023-04-26 13:29:51
Cap was protecting his brother who couldn't control himself after Hydra brainwashed him. He always stood for right over wrong. Tony Stark, most of the time, was an egomaniac with a borderline God complex. Here, he's simply out for revenge.
2022-10-12 07:24:17
it's so sad that the actor for Thaddeus ross died, they were going to make him red hulk
2023-01-19 14:00:33
I like Nate. She doesn't have a superpower. She's just a badass. All the rest have something working for them. She just knows how to kick ass.
2023-05-19 23:12:20
this movie made me make a hard choice about who I am as a person. I always saw the world Tony's way until this movie. Steve let me know its ok to be good just for goodness sake.
2023-06-21 11:52:06
They save the FUCKING world of 8.0 Billion people and they are mad at them cuz a little city had some damage.......bruh
2023-04-26 14:14:49
I don't know what's worse, people blaming superheroes for the actions of villains, or said superheroes accepting that blame.
2023-09-26 03:27:01
Rhodes is a skrull from this movie all the way to endgame. which means he doesn't know that Tony is dead, or that half the universe turns to dust.
2023-01-25 07:37:50
Please at least take the ad off the top of the screen. Come on . I understand a little with ALL the ads but come on. Not doing the movie please.