Captain Marvel 2 free movies

Captain Marvel 2 - 2023

The sequel to Captain Marvel (2019).


2023-11-09 19:35:08
This whole movie was ridiculous, they turned the Cree into Mexicans going to new Asgard. The back and Fourth Power surges between the Marvels was annoying AF. The Female Vilan of the movie sucked as well as the Marvels looked Non threatening and Goof AF. Nick Fury, OLD&GOOFY AF[0
2023-11-10 03:35:43
i love the whole movie, does it really matter if they are women superheroes. this is 2023 time has changed so it's cool that they have women superheroes now too so this movie isn't trash. and who cares if Disney is a part of it. Disney got a lot of marvel movies and series.
2023-11-15 08:14:48
this movie sucks. more woke bullshit by Disney to make the alphabet community talk shit about anyone who doesn't think a boy is a boy and a girl is a girl. fuck Disney,Biden, BLM,antifa,Hamas,all you crying self deserving pickled yuppies,palosie,high gas prices, electric vehicles
2023-11-09 19:50:52
In addition too that...when they went too that 🌏 planet with those singing Motha Fuckas...... you can't tell me that had DISNEY'S STANK all over it.
2023-11-10 09:44:07
the movie was good you guys are following the leader with all this hate wow it was fun and delightful you guys need ❀ love in ya life go see it with the kids 1
2023-11-10 12:28:10
haters will always find a reason to hate, It's who they are. sure, this movie is definitely different than the original and all the others that came before it, but I think they are just trying to get younger people to also enjoy the superhero franchise.
2023-11-11 07:45:44
man Disney really screwed this movie up. all the delays and money and get a woman w and wrist band and hammer is beating the crap out of capt marvel and her band of misfits. tried to watch this disappointing trash of a movie w my daughter but even she didn't want to finish it
2024-01-22 01:31:04
why is half the marvels bitches now u got she hulk Hawkeye that bitch on Black panther then that other bitch and now we also have iron bitch and Thor has a lil girl now who is also a Thor like wtf they taking all the men and replacing them with bitches there like only 3 men left