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Challengers - 2024

Tennis player turned coach Tashi has taken her husband, Art, and transformed him into a world-famous Grand Slam champion. To jolt him out of his recent losing streak, she signs him up for a "Challenger" event — close to the lowest level of pro tournament — where he finds himself standing across the net from his former best friend and Tashi's former boyfriend.


2024-04-28 03:31:58
lame, racist, and unrealistic. If it were 2 black guys and a white woman, liberals would have been trying to call for the arrest of the producers. can't we just have a movie that doesn't duscuss race, just quit putting it in our entertainment, reminding of hate. I'm black btw.
2024-05-01 06:08:51
gay as fuck movie!!! ZendayHO needs to pick a side then toss herself off a bridge or cliff. she ain't got a body, bodies usually have curves. her body goes straight with no ass, zero tits, and funk ass snatch. Tom is more gooder since leaving her wanna be star ass.
2024-04-27 09:53:39
so lemme get this straight zendaya character turned out 2 gay men and had them as love slaves in a tennis match of greats hmmmm twisted an entertaining
2024-04-29 04:38:36
ayeeeehaaaaaa Zendayaaaaaaa she's a hoochie Mamaaaaaa
2024-04-28 11:16:17
anyone else thought this was a movie we would see sex in
2024-05-21 04:45:03
If you're political and always crying about skin color please stop watching movies and keep your lame ass commentary on permanent mute. nobody can enjoy entertainment around you fkng morons so STFU and bury your heads in the dirt you keep throwing around and wearing anyway. 💯💯
2024-04-29 07:31:38
Zendaya is Definitely Oscar may not be for this film. But you can best believe she's the next one in line.
2024-04-27 21:31:26
know all you need is some "lines"and"Taylor Port",you'll have a great f'in🍿🎥!!!!