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Clock - 2023

On the eve of her 39th birthday, a woman desperately attempts to fix her broken biological clock.


2023-05-09 03:44:55
needed a better ending I was exspecting a demon baby or her gettin pregnant caused her to do somethin weird I think this movie was tryin to tell somethin else on a govern research level like man playin godπŸ˜’that's just me tho dnt need no stupid judgements I kno the truth
2023-05-02 20:10:57
I commend people who don't have children because they do t want them damn what everyone else said you know the majority of pregnancys aren't planned
2023-05-04 05:27:19
I didn't understand the Andy and what kind of fish creature was that and while it was her father not the grandfather club πŸ€”πŸ˜”πŸ§πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‘
2023-07-11 11:04:00
my opinion this movie was just completely stupid ass fuck we all know it's our decision to have a baby or not common sense but this movie was trash it wasn't even scary it was just stupid but that's just my opinion
2023-08-02 07:11:25
such a stupid movie. The ending is horrible. she jumps off a cliff with handcuffs on. wakes up and no handcuffs and not a scratch on her. also what is the significance of whatever creature that was.
2023-05-10 10:39:22
so ....huh....she's dead....right? she woke up in her own Lil heaven or something?
2023-05-04 03:07:34
love the movie but y not stop using the condom and just try to have a baby before doing all that
2023-05-08 06:34:40
I don't know what to say about this movie...........