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Come Out Fighting - 2023

Set in WWII, a squad of U.S. African American soldiers are sent on a rescue mission behind enemy lines to locate their lost commanding officer and a downed fighter pilot.


2023-06-02 23:15:26
Now THIS is how the actual war went,, and I truly love how movies with black leads tend to show and tell facts instead of FABLES told by a grandfather that absolutely lied to his entire family and the world.. #white ppl shit
2023-05-29 05:03:46
crap acting. I can NEVER,EVER GET THAT HOUR AND A HALF BACK. F#/%!!!! WORST GOD DAMN WAR MOVIE EVER MADE. D. LUNDGREN & TYREESE G. are probably the only 2 with skill. (& yes I'm well aware I spelled both their names wrong. when they learn to act, I'll learn to spell. ahhh!! lol!)
2023-06-09 10:29:18
I liked it, it was a good movie, if you like this movie, you should watch { red tails} damn good movie. now that's a good movie. Screaming at my phone, get them motherfuckers.:__fire
2023-05-30 08:12:11
damn good movie good action good ending one of my new favorites you have to be a fool not to like it
2023-05-30 19:38:14
I think you all the people who have served. All brothers and sisters.
2023-05-28 18:50:18
this movie was so good, one of my new favorites
2023-05-29 09:33:57
I'm calling to let you people know that I can't get the movies on my tv and I have a.substription plan that I pay for every month so.please fix the problem for me
2023-05-29 03:06:47
is of a certain scene they have American flag upside down and backwards that's not right and they don't make a movie put the Flags the right way