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Confidential Informant - 2023

During a crack epidemic two narcotics agents hunting for a cop killer. Hoping for leads, Moran and Thorton pay off a junkie informant. To provide for his wife and son, Moran involves the stool pigeon in a deadly scheme. This causes the partners to come under the scrutiny of a suspicious internal affairs agent.


2023-07-04 23:42:37
I like this App. so far and I been watching it for time. I'm thinking about to pay for the no ads.
2023-07-05 06:07:35
I use this app everyday with commercials never have a problem as a matter a fact premiums even better so why co.plain about something in premium cause nothing in life is perfect whether you pay for it or it's free this movie was another great movie I use this app to keep me busy
2023-07-08 01:48:47
I don't understand because I ve been watching it forever and paying 99p per week it's the best app around but on the new releases you always get an ad when they're taken from the cinema... doesn't matter to me .. it's the best and I watch it every single day...
2023-07-04 06:37:04
You get what you pay for if you don't pay for it you're gonna get ads
2023-08-10 00:26:12
I've had this app for a couple of months now and it's the best app I've ever come across. I paid for the no ads and this app is even better than I thought it was. there's no movie you can't find on this app there's no actor you can't find on this app
2023-07-05 09:47:35
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2023-07-15 22:22:04
I like this app too great movies especially this one awesome movie everyone should watch it at least one time might make them cry good tears knowing that America has some meaning in it
2023-07-05 08:53:44
so so on this one it was just entertaining enough to keep from turning it off but barley