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Countdown - 2019

A nurse downloads an app that informs her she has three days to call home. With time ticking away and also a mysterious figure haunting her, she still must find a way to truly save her life until time runs out.


2022-11-14 08:27:12
if you look behind Quiin when countdown 2.0 was downloaded the demon was there
2022-08-24 10:21:58
this acting was 10/10 godamn
2023-04-13 14:00:31
I love the part when the guy helps quin with that spoiled rich guy and says: I just found out that I'm gonna die and maybe I feel like taking a white man with me
2023-05-08 14:19:25
download the app if you want to be stupid like me cuz I'm 14 and I only have 11 years 11 days 11 minutes
2022-09-17 11:25:54
I like this one I well rate a 10/10
2023-04-15 08:08:15
27 books of the Bible? there are 66 books written by 40 authors..
2023-05-08 14:18:04
I downloaded the app like an idiot I agree to the terms I have 11 years 11 days 11 minutes and 15 seconds problem is I'm only 14
2023-04-18 02:58:45
Interesting how a lot of movies involve predictive programming... Remember that movie 'Contagion' that was released 13 years ago? 🤔