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Damaged - 2024

A Chicago detective travels to Scotland after an emerging serial killer’s crimes match those that he investigated five years earlier, one of which was the crime scene of his murdered girlfriend.


2024-04-14 09:19:15
I guess I'm first to comment pretty good movie I like the ending I'll give it two thumbs up
2024-04-16 23:45:01
I remember a time when there was 1 production company doing a movie at a time. like Universal, Paramount and Warner Brothers. Today this movie took like 6 Production companies to make 1 film. This is scary, cause it could mean the end of big blockbuster movies. Hope it's worth it
2024-04-15 23:35:10
it definitely had a big twist Samuel L Jackson is a very good actor even though this movie isn't what I'm used to seeing him play it was ok
2024-04-15 12:27:43
Yeah, for the first time his movie is actually kind of slow.I didn't even watch the whole thing.I'll probably go back and watch the rest of it later
2024-04-20 13:02:53
you know I should have saw the twist coming at the end because they kept pointing to the retired partner and I should have known better whenever they do that it always turns out to be somebody else.
2024-04-19 06:38:52
this was only one out 3 movies I didn't like Sam. Jackson in . hte8....Djngo. and this one. Love all his movies..just not the character in those 3.
2024-04-16 07:44:58
Good movie never thought it would be lawson
2024-04-21 00:33:00
What a great movie.. First I was skeptical who to blame.. Copycat murder.. From the good detective to bad detective for his revenge.. awesome storyline.. sure is there will be part ll..