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Dark Encounter - 2019

A year after the disappearance of a 8 year old girl, we meet with with her family as they return home in the museum ceremony into their town. Strange lights can be found in the nearby woods, After that day and your family is subjected. The origin of the lights may actually be visitors. What they do not realize is that these'beings' will lead your family to the facts behind the girl's disturbing disappearance.


2024-05-30 11:34:47
hasn't anyone noticed like different segments off of other movies like for instance ET and close encounters with the monkey if you notice like the little shed out back of the house with the swing set that's a segment part of the movie of ET extraterrestrial back in the mid 80s
2023-06-19 06:28:26
eventually all things come to light
2024-06-10 11:50:07
good one. 😉🍿🥤
2023-11-10 09:53:03
Good movie
2023-06-23 01:50:44
WOW what a twist!
2024-06-08 14:30:43