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Dark Phoenix - 2019

The X-Men face their most formidable and strong foe when among their particular, Jean gray, starts to spiral out of control. When she's struck by a cosmic force during a rescue mission in outer space, Jean is nearly killed. Once she goes home, this induce not just makes her much more powerful, but much more unstable. The X-Men must now band together to rescue her soul and combat aliens who want to use gray's new abilities to rule the galaxy.


2023-03-27 06:44:47
Cyclops and Jean Grey from the X-Men, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman from the Fantastic Four or Vision and Scarlet Witch from the Avengers, which one is the ultimate power couple in the Marvel universe?
2023-03-25 19:02:10
I don't get it, if raven died how is she alive in the future xmen movies? what am I missing?
2023-07-31 06:31:17
if jean is dead, how is she alive in the future!!???! I AM SO FUCKING CONFUSED
2023-03-02 03:13:05
As a looking time fan of the X-Men comics. this movie was trash. it was if the "director" had no clue???? where's Sam Rami when you need him
2022-10-25 18:29:04
question how can he drive if he can't walk
2022-09-23 01:57:26
X Men Dark Phoenix movie is great 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
2024-01-15 11:39:36
It's odd that in the version where Mystic is a heroine, she dies. While the version where Mystic is a villainess, she lives.
2023-07-30 06:41:30
so this is raven in the past, in the first x men raven was working with Erik, but DIDENT she stop working with erik