Death of a Nation free movies

Death of a Nation - 2018

Parallels are drawn from the presidency and the presidency of Donald Trump of Abraham Lincoln. Maybe not since 1860 have the Democrats denied to accept a free election's consequence. Their purpose was Lincoln, This year. He was smeared by them. They went to war to conquer him. In the long run, he was assassinated by them.


2023-03-12 03:09:17
I wouldn't say Trump is the greatest President but Trump isn't the peerson potraid by mainstream medai. The mainstream media just throws a bunch of words everywhere without evidence to back anything they say. For example they say Trump is a racist, but how is he a racist?
2023-03-12 03:11:43
Know body knows, I can ask the main stream media anything and they will never know, this just radicalized the aduance who listen to mainstream mefai into believing something that has no evidence, which just leads to extreme hate and no understanding for different parties.
2023-07-10 01:46:01
Trump was not a bad president he's just a bad leader when it comes to decision-making ideas. Business has been his best strength and his weakness is abiding by law and policies. Remember he said he grabbed a lady's private parts, because he wanted to.
2023-02-12 04:03:35
anyone who believes Trump is one of the greatest president needs to have their brain examined to make sure they have one.