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Death Wish - 2018

There is A daddy transformed to a killing machine after a violent action tears apart his family.


2023-04-11 11:30:24
A poor remake performance Willis phoned in. The Bronson version which except for the names was for the most part was a much more complicated story that this did not resemble and by the end left you feeling like you covered a long distance. This was a story told too many times
2023-03-30 02:04:08
loved this movie, shows Bruce Willis at his best!
2023-10-22 03:32:13
there's someone missing in the robbery who's not dead the guy who got cut and burned face huh
2022-11-14 10:21:54
one of he's best movies !!!
2024-01-16 14:57:25
loved it! sad that Bruce will not make any more movies, he was the best!
2023-03-14 13:34:44
that's the way it has to be obey the laws (stupid laws)bullshet
2022-09-01 09:59:10
2023-02-12 15:53:17
bruse Willa's best movie better than Charles Bronson