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Descendants 3 - 2019

Disney's most infamous villains' teenagers come back to the offspring to join them at Auradon Prep's Isle.


2023-01-22 03:29:09
When she kissed hades i felt I have to love my dad because soon he won't be here with me so I have to spend all my time with him
2022-12-19 14:37:40
I was crying about when she said DAD I AM GOING TO MISS YOU ALL OVER AGAIN😭
2023-01-26 02:59:44
did you know that dizzy is a descendants fan and lived her dream of acting in this movie🍿🍿
2023-01-25 10:57:30
isn't it weird how only Mal Eveie Ben Carlos Jay Lonnie Jane Audrey Uma Harry Gill Cecilia Dizzy and the twins look like their parents😶😶😶😶
2023-03-06 02:21:51
me too I am sad cause they not gonna have Cameron Boyce on descendants 4 but I want to wait for them to make it so I can see what happens and see what they would do
2024-02-10 11:05:50
it's the final series of the movie and I'm so happy I watched all of the series of the movie, credits to the people who made the movie,I'm not gonna lie but this was a awesome movie the best one I watched so far, it's on top of my watch list and my rage on the movie is 1000/10
2022-11-30 01:16:56
this was great even though I watch it a million times
2024-05-25 23:57:25
I love the note they left for Cameron Boyce, that guy brought smiles during my crazy childhood. My dad abused my mom and I was constantly crying but then I remembered Cameron and I would feel so much better. Rest in peace Cameron, we all love you Amen. 🙏🏻