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Door in the Woods - 2019

Matters take a turn for the worst when a small town family discovers that an abandoned doorway in the forests. Can this really even a gate way, or only an abandoned doorway into something dark that no one?


2023-06-03 17:00:45
why would she bring a chained up door into her home why would that be in the middle of the woods chained and locked it's the door if something has changed a lot obviously it leaves to something else and doesn't want that door open whoever changed and locked it but you put it in y
2023-06-03 17:01:28
you put it in your home and then the medium comes by to tell you your house has changed and now has evil within it and you don't know where that comes from it's common sense
2023-06-03 19:21:04
but the ending while I mean I guess you got to do what you have to do for your kids lol besides those kids are making their sons life a living hell too
2023-07-17 14:07:28
why would you watch a movie about a stupid door in the woods???? I thank God I didn't watch it till the end cus from what I read in the comments, it was stupid. And stupid is as stupid does.
2023-12-31 13:22:04
To be fair someone alway's does a spoiler alert. It is basically like watching one of the movie recaps thing. To each his or her own I say. Hope everyone a Great New Year!!
2023-02-15 13:20:07
this was a very good movie but the ending is kind of crazy if you have kids you'll probably do the same thing
2023-11-29 08:02:16
2023-08-26 13:49:41
absolutely brilliant