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Dracula in Love - 2018

Leila spends the night partying with her friends Nash, David and Nancy in a warehouse. As the boys drink upward and smoke bud all barriers between the sexes crumble. Leila, hit by both men, hides a way from their store. Alone she senses there is someone else that wants her and certainly he is not of the world. A 200 year old Dracula flows from a crate and shows himself and informs her that she's his lost love. For him to reside and be with her, she needs to bring him the blood of your own friends to drink and make love. Hypnotized with his abilities, Leila does as she's told. A young Dracula and leila break free and live happily ever after.


2024-01-01 11:09:27
What a stupid movie.
2023-01-24 13:00:25
a joke trash πŸ—‘