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Dracula Untold - 2014

Vlad Tepes is really a superb enthusiast, but when he needs to make an army of 1,000 boys and sees the Sultan is currently finding your way through conflict, he attempts to find a way. As he has changed in to the mythological vampire, Dracula vlad turns to dark forces so as to find the capacity to destroy his enemies also agrees to go from hero.


2023-03-23 08:15:14
From such noble intentions, comes the most dark and horrible consequences. The will of man is too weak to fight evil and temptation without stumbling. "Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil". There is evil all about us in this world, and there are hidden monsters.
2022-10-16 11:38:39
Dracula Untold they need to come out with a part two day wrong for that this movie was off the chain
2023-08-16 12:31:51
p I haven't enjoyed a movie 🎥 like this in a minute! I don't think the Director and Actors realize what a Hit this is ! Not for Horror Fans, But Dracula Fans, you will Love It!
2023-12-07 22:28:28
Mr. Pemberton, out of all the stupid shit you could've said, you had to come from the Bible and about something as childish as a ghost story we were scared of as we grew up. So from now on you idiot, let the pros submit the comments. You mark.
2023-09-03 12:31:44
that was a damm good show. It's crazy how, at the very end. The first vampire looks just like most of our current day politicians, and it make me wonder how many of them are vampires
2022-08-26 06:15:02
great picture
2024-03-17 15:27:16
Luke Evans is a good actor, I like the movie he played in where he was a serial killer and he abducted woman he loved only one woman . I don't want to tell All about the movie,but if you could tell me the name of the movie I would really appreciate it
2023-02-18 11:24:26
Damn the critics; this is a very good movie! It should have had a sequel.💀