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Emily the Criminal - 2022

Emily, who is saddled with student debt and locked out of the job market due to a minor criminal record, gets involved in a credit card scam that pulls her into the criminal underworld of Los Angeles, ultimately leading to deadly consequences.


2022-09-20 07:43:02
this is bullshit its a bootleg
2023-11-10 12:24:34
Emily had more balls than her dude! His soft ass lost the keys and became a liability. I would've left his ass too! 😅 This was a good movie!!!
2022-12-29 15:30:12
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2022-09-20 21:52:53
this movie was really good I like how they built the characters
2024-04-28 23:58:10
I should have seen this movie a little earlier when it first came out but I didn't it got past me I'll give it two thumbs up it's pretty good movie from beginning to end
2024-04-23 12:07:52
The movie was absolutely incredible.Phenomenal story line, credit card fraud.The way it should be beautiful, incredible, fantastic acting.It's a very good watch.Check it out
2023-02-18 22:20:40
it's a very poor copy of the movie and you need to take it off and bring another copy.
2024-03-28 05:27:47
I'm pretty sure this entire site is bootleg, out of China somewhere. The movies I've watched have all been quality copies, but I have read a lot of contrary comments.