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First Man - 2018

Check out Neil Armstrong, the astronaut, and also the mythical space mission's life span that led him to become the first person to walk around the Moon on July 20, 1969.


2022-10-08 12:07:49
I don't believe in the story 😁, plus he said on camera it's a hoax when he was an elderly
2024-02-20 02:05:31
poor baby doesn't understand y she is filling the way she is and then , it's so sad no person should go through that let alone a a sweet innocent child like her
2024-05-19 20:45:41
this is all fake, now Elon musk is going to build a Hotel on the moon, only with the help of Hollywood.
2024-05-19 18:16:18
NASA can't ever tell the truth about anything, NASA wakes up everyday saying what can we lie about today. NASA are liar's.
2023-09-10 12:51:22
epic holding you're fate in you're hand. knowing it was a choice.
2024-01-21 08:43:34
first one was a staged thing but they did go to the moon after that