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Forrest Gump - 1994

Amazing things have been accomplished by A man with a non IQ and been present throughout significant historic events -- in each instance, far exceeding. But despite his one true love eludes him.


2023-01-09 06:52:33
this isn't a comedy's One of the greatest movies ever made .. Jenny and Forrest were bonded sense childhood on different paths in life Jenny was a good person that made bad choices Forrest went with the flow I think it was meant to go that way in real life πŸ‘‘
2023-01-29 10:57:29
this is one of the best movies forest Gump knew what his heart wanted and sometimes love is worth waiting for when that person has wondered off in the world hell she was raped by her own father she didn't know how to cover that hurt but with drugs so he waited
2023-01-08 11:38:13
Forrest's mom literally took one for the team ... she's truly the goat of mom's ✊🏿🐐
2023-09-09 09:42:14
People miss the major theme in this movie. Forest's theme is simple that destiny is what you make of it and it's about being a positive person. Jenny's theme is one whose destiny start out bad (living with the trauma of incestuous rape) then choosing a better path.
2022-09-13 08:14:07
where Forrest Gump messed up at he kept going back to his ex
2023-11-09 09:28:24
i love this movie. Every since the first time i watched it my whole daily dialog consist of Forrest Gump quotes! i can literally quote the whole movie. and that's all I got to say about that
2023-10-14 11:25:38
Jasmine I still love you so much. Can't stop thinking about you. this move makes me think of you and your buityful brown eyes. my heart will always be yours. I love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2022-10-23 11:34:53
the school bus driver must have found the fountain of youth geez