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Galaxy Games - 2022

A group of young adults are sent to a faraway planet to compete in the prestigious Sol Invictus games. When disaster strikes and the teams are stranded without equipment or communication, they must work together to survive long enough to be rescued.


2023-01-24 04:08:00
i think this is a diamond in the rough. It could use better editing. The audio/visual seemed grainy but only when it worked into the story line. The story is solid. The cast although unknown and new, they are all naturals. I have tourettes which comes with two sides Adhd/ocd
2023-01-24 04:08:47
but kept my attention. its way better than castaway or i am legend. still havent finished them
2022-11-08 16:11:02
shitty ass movie
2022-08-31 12:47:52
2022-11-08 16:10:18
shifty movie