Ghost House: A Haunting free movies

Ghost House: A Haunting - 2018

"Ghost Home: A Haunting" delves into the depths of a haunt that is a lot more than just simply residual. The alive are left questioning when they choose the ticket to take this thrill ride, when they are dead or alive. On the last excursion of Halloween night, a tour bunch of unsuspecting individuals quickly realize their house adventure is tricks that are economical and greater than jump contested. Cold cases are medication in to the spotlight to re-create secrets as history repeats it self and the dead refuse to rest in peace.


2023-10-02 08:03:32
I swear such a B rated movie!! more goofy than WTF? I just dunno about this so called movie, if u can call it that..horror yea ok thumbs down👎
2024-04-09 22:09:16
mu pack should know that just because a movie is made doesn't mean that it needs to be put on their site especially when it's a really bad movie.
2022-11-23 13:48:10
I'm trying to get into it, but I can't right now 🤔