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Girl in the Box - 2016

A hitchhiking woman is abducted by a young couple and held captive for seven years, during which time she's tortured and forced to live as a slave to her captors.


2023-02-19 11:27:39
men are so sick and disgusting, I sear. if we were allowed to pay for time to do what we wanted with these sickos In prison. They wouldn't do stuff like this! They would be like they're doing wat to people in jail, but only rapists and murderers!!!!!
2023-04-25 01:14:09
never could I watch a man do this to another woman! I woul kill his ass. she just as sorry a person.
2023-06-20 02:13:39
on May 19th 1977 20 year old Colleen Stan was hitchhiking t o her best friend's house and Northern California when she was kidnapped by Cameron and Janice hooker she was kidnapped for 7 years under the hookers bed for 7 years and Cameron and Janice had a baby girl6
2023-06-29 01:11:56
he's got a daughter WTWHAT, doesn't he realize the women he did that stuff to was someone else daughter.
2023-09-02 06:55:20
for someone to get jealous over someone you kidnap is pretty fucked up
2023-06-19 09:30:59
this is based on a true story it really happened to colleen Stan
2023-06-12 07:17:54
girl pls you not ever all that so girl stop
2023-06-12 07:19:11
girl you not ever all that so stop