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Halloween Horror Tales - 2018

A movie featuring four stories. First is about a psychotic killer clown stalking a young woman. In the second a scream queen gets more than she bargained for when she is interviewed by a TV talk show hostess. The third is a nature run amok tale and the fourth tells the story of an FBI agent investigating a series of brutal murders in a small town.


2022-10-16 06:06:08
Cheap amateurish looking film. Lame special makeup effects, bad acting. Looks like somebody's college film project.
2023-04-24 21:02:07
I love b rated movies, but that one was horrible.
2023-04-13 20:39:06
2023-02-11 14:24:05
the narinator done it 4 ME
2023-03-13 01:57:38
best movie ever
2023-05-14 10:16:29
man get the fuck out of here
2023-08-28 17:40:01
i love this Movie❤
2023-06-15 13:54:17
cc xcxcccc