Halloween free movies

Halloween - 2018

Laurie Strode comes to her confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.


2022-10-11 19:17:29
for anyone wondering this IS NOT the rob zombie take. u know it when u see his version. it's absolutely brutal and awsome
2022-10-07 21:27:01
I love the movie all the time when I saw 🔞
2024-03-09 14:16:16
so if Lori really wanted to be safe from Mikey all she had to do was move somewhere far away could u imagine michael Myers trying to board a plane
2022-10-24 06:21:44
this is a old movie..if they wanted to make a Michele mayers and jamie Lee Curtis movie they should have put their heads together and make a new one..
2022-10-11 14:32:07
Still waiting on holloween ends to show up.Will Myers really die I don't think so
2022-08-12 15:03:44
is this the rob zombie version of Halloween
2022-07-18 10:03:40
love this movie ?
2023-11-01 09:11:26
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