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Happy Death Day 2U - 2019

Collegian Tree Gelbman wakes up to find out that she's stuck in a parallel world. Her boyfriend Carter has become with someone else, along with also her friends and students appear to be variants of these. She finds herself the mark of a masked killer when Tree finds that Carter's room mate was altering time. After the psychopath starts to proceed after her inner ring, Tree soon understands that she must die over and over again to rescue every one.


2023-01-19 12:04:39
Ive never watched the second one but now I'm watching it for the first time 😁😁😁
2023-05-03 14:50:53
I Love This Movie Because I Don't Like The First One This Movie Is So Fucking Scary and Thrilling
2023-06-21 10:45:54
"I think I just shit my pants"
2023-09-10 10:50:07
Why did Bono immediately appear in the bushes to ask for change with an American accent?!
2024-01-01 16:34:21
glad to watch this again this is good so I love this movie I hope I won't forget
2024-06-03 08:26:40
Not bad man. A little corky and definitely seems a little like a stretch in some aspects of the story but a cool movie nonetheless. The 1st is definitely better tho but cool to see how and why it all unfolded. Rating 6.6
2023-05-25 09:34:53
I like 1st and 2nd
2023-03-11 09:23:39
it is worth it to wait through the credits