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Hard Candy - 2005

Hayley's a teenage girl. Jeff's a handsome, smooth manner photographer. An online chat, an impromptu manner, a coffee shop meet-up shoot back at Jeff's place. Jeff believes it's his lucky night. He is searching for a surprise.


2023-07-11 09:28:43
Patrick Wilson is such an underrated actor. if this film had the right push, he would have at the least been nominated for an Oscar but indy films never really get love from the Academy...as sad as it is
2024-04-05 07:22:24
I love this movie it's so awesome she rocked his world and not in the good way! my favorite part is when she makes him think that she cut his balls off for sure!
2023-01-26 01:50:12
damn, this is for every girl who didn't get justice.
2023-03-10 13:42:12
I love this movie right here
2023-11-02 11:32:32
Hell yeah! great fucking movie!!!!