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Harriet - 2019

The narrative of Harriet Tubman, who helped free a huge selection of slaves from the South from slavery herself in 22, after escaping.


2022-12-12 12:14:28
This is one of the best movies I've ever seen about slavery. And it's based on actual events
2023-02-13 20:39:34
This movie made me cry like 3x I love her strength and coverage and faith she had in God. Racism is evil.we are not our Ancestors we will fuck shit up now
2023-02-13 20:43:01
Then they wanna give us a month of black history to remind us how they treated us do they do that to the Jews or Indians ? no they give them reparations to shut them[01 up
2022-11-12 04:24:11
This is truly a moving movie. ohhhhh how I marvel at all that the accomplished through sheer will and determination
2022-11-28 08:31:56
the world history is a lie its completely white washed ...🚫wypipo are truly foot soldiers of the Devil
2023-07-09 12:44:22
I just love Harriet Tubman so much but she really doesn't have to do that for us black niggas for to risk her life r.i.p Harriet Tubman Jesus will always be there for you and I will to and I really felt so bad for her to 🙏🥺😭🥹
2023-02-17 17:30:03
I did a book report on Harriet when I was in elementary school. although all the facts where not clearly written in books I looked at for the information on her. This was truly a great movie!
2024-01-06 23:42:42
this movie made me cry 😭😭 she fighting her to the slavery in this movie made me cry a lot because all of her strength and she's at outstanding girl and she's super beautiful and she's confident she fight all of her flavors and that's what I like about minty Harriet Tubman