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His Only Son - 2023

His Only Son recounts one of the most controversial moments in the Old Testament—when Abraham was commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac on the mountain of Moriah. While traveling to the place of the sacrifice, alongside Isaac and two servants, Abraham is flooded with vivid memories from the years he and Sarah spent longing for the son they were promised—the son he must now lay upon the altar.


2023-04-10 11:13:11
this is a great movie God is mighty and powerful I believe in him Amen ✌️🙏 no one have seen him but the disciples I hope to see the promise Land God bless everyone watching this movie ✌️
2023-08-23 03:37:39
Acts 2:38 Repent it not about black and white you all better love your neighbors as you love yourself or HELL is waiting Jesus is coming back soon Galatians 3:28 John 4:24 tells me God is a spirit no color so I tell you all John 3 :5-6 born of the water and the spirit Acts4:12
2023-06-03 12:05:16
if black people were the 1st ones here, why all the stories of Jesus & God or in Egypt ( africa) gotta be all white men & women playing the parts?
2023-06-12 12:07:24
always a white man playing somebody that they killed because he wasn't one of them. all I see is the same people that say praise God but leave their homes continuing to practice racism for there benefits. you know who you are... praise the true God 🙏🏾 the true son of God 🙏🏾
2023-05-27 12:39:46
the message behind this movie is the important part,God's making and keeping His promises to Fourth Father's Abraham is key for the for told future of the birth of our LORD,KING AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, TO EART,TO DIE FOR OUR SIN,THANK GOD FOR ALL HIS PLAN HE GOD PUT IN PLACE .
2023-10-28 21:16:33
from these comments I'm seeing that geography was and is not people's strong suit. Sarah was Ethiopian. Scripture tells us that. no where does any scripture say that Abraham was black. your race is not important. it's not gonna get you to the front of the line. (cont. in replies)
2023-10-29 04:13:06
Thank you Jesus for taking our place and reconciling us back to the father sin free..He paid no attention to the shame of the cross .He suffered there because of the joy he was looking forward to...
2023-04-09 02:19:52
how ignoring the person that is smacking on that popcorn for dear life