How High 2 free movies

How High 2 - 2019

When two jobless friends find a hidden bud bible and also the ultimate marijuana , they believe they've got it made...using'seed' money to initiate a fresh snack shipping app. But, when the majority of of their stash and bud bible are stolen, both potpreneurs set off on an outrageous adventure through Atlanta to find them. They search'high' and low, stopping at nothing to starting a business that is legit, to recoup their ticket.


2023-10-13 20:36:43
trash movie , they can't mash a bunch of garbage rapper celebs an call it a movie .... So bad . this remind me of the hangover movies after the first one , the constant remakes was trash
2023-12-07 18:12:58
how high 2 ,is too bad too long and we will never ever see another one of this man's movie. I think that we're all in awe at how non=actin ass mark Lil Baby really 3 times is. Says Henry Mills
2024-03-08 17:54:11
I gotta say DC young fly boy. And little yachty played a good role in part too. But they really need to make a part 3 ASAP. They need to make it all the way to part 5 and put a lot of people from stoner to movies in it.
2023-09-22 03:59:47
h o w high you can get
2023-11-05 13:06:32
Yoooo, at first I'm like woah wtf is this. this is trash then I smoked a Lil more and gah damn this shit be funny as hell
2023-03-30 06:50:29
makes me laugh like crazy 10/10 recommend
2024-02-21 11:54:55
whoever watched it what do you think of it so far the thumbs up if you like it
2024-02-19 03:16:34
Lil yachty in DC fly there is too much for me