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I Still Believe - 2020

The true-life story of Christian music star Jeremy Camp and his journey of love and loss that looks to prove there is always hope.


2023-02-15 15:17:25
I'm a man of faith, who's lost his faith. Then regained his faith, only to loose it once again, but now back on my journey to regain and pray to God; to never let me loose it or myself ever again.
2023-03-11 11:00:58
This movie was amazing. I cryed furring it but I needed to see it. I know. I feel like I am not as faithful or like I am finding it hard to trust God and I am scared, I love God, my trust comes and goes and I really want it to come and then stay.
2023-08-11 03:46:04
this is just amazing. the Lord WILL ALWAYS COME THROUGH FOR HIS PEOPLE. if you did not shed joyful tears during this movie, then i dont know whats up with youu
2024-04-01 12:44:55
A year later, I'm happy to say that I'm fully restored by the love of God and Jesus Christ our savior. It's all true, suffering doesn't destroy your faith, it refines you indeed. Jesus suffered at the cross and died for us all; only to rise from the dead.
2023-07-14 04:28:25
wow what a great movie
2023-11-14 12:26:09
no thank you
2024-04-09 13:09:47