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In the Tall Grass - 2019

A sister and sister venture into a huge field of bud in Kansas discover that there may be no way outside after hearing a boy's shout for help.


2023-02-14 15:53:16
it was very good! The Kid is an upcoming great actor. The story is about whoever goes into the Tall Green Grass will become grass and will keep dying and coming back over and over again, forever. In other words, keep making the same mistakes, you'll keep getting the same results
2023-02-21 03:29:31
I think I'll never be walking into a any talll grass or corn ever again! 😂 even if its a 4 by 4 patch! I think the movie was to show you your mistakes & they never figured their shyt out so Travis made a tough call and sacrificed himself to save his unborn child & his lover! ♡
2023-02-21 03:34:05
makes you wonder if they ever left the grass at all or from another perspective if they ever walked into it at all
2023-02-21 03:30:55
I enjoyed the movie I did, but it did remind me of a few different movies put together but way better played. now I'm afraid of grass thanks movie 😂 WOULD YOU PUT ASIDE YOUR DIFFERENCES AND MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE OR NO?
2023-06-23 06:57:47
nice spooky movie. Travis didn't deserve his ending tho 😢 ps. grass fields a no for me now 😌
2023-05-10 07:28:02
bro I just wanted to watch this bc. this kid from bunked called Finn is in it
2023-11-08 10:43:59
how many of us are now scared to go into the grass?🌿 great 🎥👍
2023-02-03 10:25:30
I didn't get it... whatevs. Long Live Horror❤️‍🔥