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Incredible Violence - 2018

This debut feature from Newfoundland's G. Patrick Condon (Infanticide, Audition) is a inspired, meta take on the timeless"cottage in the woods" horror trope. After squandering the amount of money lent to him by a mysterious cinematic organization, a creatively frustrated writer / manager, G. Patrick Condon, played by Stephen Oates (Frontier,'' Riverhead), has to take matters into his own hands by bending aspiring celebrity Grace (MJ Kehler) and the rest of the cast of actors in a leased house filled to the brim with security camera systems and a script-spitting scatter matrix printer. As time moves on, Condon slowly becomes the protagonist in his own movie by playing the actor's need to provide while also satisfying his requirements that are sinister. Even when it kills them. Part Milgram Experiment, part A Cabin in the Woods, G. Patrick Condon's Incredible Violence May Have audiences talking for decades to come.