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Invasion Planet Earth - 2019

After his young daughter's passing, Thomas Dunn can be a guy who has lost his faith. His life has his confidence is ruined. Yet, with this afternoon he wakes to detect that Mandy, his wife is finally pregnant again. That really is their chance to move away from the disaster of the last and also to allow him to find his own faith again. But on this day there appears a significant in the skies and people of earth are plagued with visions about the end of culture. As the mother-ship launches a large fleet which attack the towns and cities of 22, Mandy and tom are divided up. Tom must look deep within himself to get not only his faith but the wisdom and strength to rescue the human race out of the horrors that endanger them. First he needs to find Mandy, as he finds that their baby holds the key to mankind's future. The battle lines have been drawn and the final stance for Earth is about to begin.


2023-10-17 08:09:38
what happened to my movie , it's not showing , and i want to see it