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Joker - 2019

Throughout the 1980s, while becoming an infamous crime figure, there is a comedian driven insane and turns to a life of chaos and crime in Gotham City.


2022-11-29 07:09:12
I absolutely love the joker my all-time favorite super villain. but this movie is not good. I don't know why people love it so much. The joker is not a sad person with mental illness. he is a highly intelligent criminal mastermind with no remorse or fear of death. not for me.
2023-01-09 04:58:48
that was the best DC movie I have ever seen. they made the birth of the Joker understandable. I loved it ...congratulations on a movie well made and will played
2023-01-06 03:12:21
if you can't watch it why comment, make a soapbox somewhere else, if you can't read between the lines this is not your kind of movie, maybe detective Pikachu is more your speed!!!
2023-07-18 14:04:04
ppl saying it's bad cs it doesn't showcase mastermind joker clearly don't understand the movie it's essentially highlighting his back story how he came to be nd in the comics he had mental health issues joined wit his experiences that made him insane the movies not bad bruh
2023-09-11 10:32:55
why are ppl expecting to see the joker played as the mastermind villain and Batman's nemesis? Remember Bruce was a child when Author met him and wasn't given the name Joker until the end of the film. The movie is showing the birth of the mastermind criminal.
2023-08-20 10:14:04
you people don't understand he's not the criminal master mind yet this is his backstory this isn't about him being the person he is in DC it's showing how he became what he is now
2023-09-03 07:08:39
it's true real to life to the imbalance of good and evil emotional disturbing but actual's clever and abstract it's an interesting take disturbing but it's needed..kinda a wake call to society
2022-08-27 04:51:22
I love this movie