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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungleโ€‚-โ€‚2017

As four teenagers have been sucked in to the world of Jumanji, the tables have been turned - filled against also an infinite number of puzzles and jungle traps , black mambas and rhinos. They'll play characters from this match, to live.


2022-05-17 08:00:00
Jumanji (2017) can be described as: Funny, witty, inspiring, motivational, and a bit cliche. It delivers a very strong message that applies to all ages and genders. Jumanji (2017) did not blow me away, but it got the job well done.I recommend watching it at least once! ^-^
2022-02-11 08:00:00
This movie was so funny, I kept laughing and laughing. The cast and cinematography was excellent. Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson were the funniest. Definitely a good watch with the entire family with kids.
2022-04-23 08:00:00
I would have enjoyed the film immensely if not for the crazy sexism running through out!!! I could not overlook it and hated it!! There was no need for it and I think it took away from the overall what would have been greatness of the film.
2022-06-12 08:00:00
I love this film. I liked the original Jumangi so wasn't sure if I would like this but I love it. Love the characters and the story line. Entertaining and funny and family friendly. Love Dwayne Johnson in this.
2022-11-19 10:25:14
That was hippo, they're omnivorous, they're fast as a horse with short distances and they have the bite force of 8100 newton's. HOW DO I KNOW THIS
2023-03-23 13:46:14
"I literally have a penis attached to my body." "Hey Martha come look at my penis."
2022-01-26 08:00:00
There are few remakes that are better than the original. This film took the idea of the world of jumanji and made it a whole lot more fun! It had an awesome cast. Good humor. Great action.
2022-06-09 08:00:00
If you're a child of any age, or a stoner, you'll be both bemused and amused by this family-friendly action comedy. It's a bit lame and far-fetched in some places, but what the hey. Karen Gillan hot, Dwayne Johnson buff.