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Jurassic Park - 1993

A wealthy entrepreneur secretly creates a theme park featuring living dinosaurs drawn from prehistoric DNA. Before launching day, he educates a group of experts and his two eager grandchildren to experience the park and help calm anxious investors. While the security methods extend off, the park is anything but amusing and the dinosaurs escape.


2023-01-28 13:58:01
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2022-11-25 20:18:00
I like to watch all the jurassic movies every day
2023-01-13 07:59:32
This is one of the best movies in history
2023-01-28 17:37:07
Jurassic park the Lost World Jurassic Park Jurassic park Jurassic world Jurassic world Fallen Kingdom Jurassic world Dominion
2023-08-01 09:08:58
love this movie I remember watching it on VHS in are mountain cabin shit got me all scared of the trees I was 3 when this came out the new one don't even compare to 1 or 2 3 was ok not my favorite but still was good the new ones suck bad to much CGI
2023-04-30 21:25:30
what If this island was real...😐
2023-06-14 16:56:23
I love all of the Jurassic World movies and the Jurassic Park movies
2023-07-14 11:45:08
I haven't seen this movie in a while I just love this movie my kids got scared when the dinosaur went after the kids in the kitchen