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Kick-Ass - 2010

Dave Lizewski is an school student and comic book fan who one day decides to become a super-hero, despite the fact that he has no meaningful or powers, training reason to accomplish that.


2022-11-25 05:20:43
kickass gotta be one of my favorites💀✅
2023-03-25 11:56:26
It's a shame Big Daddy had to die, I understand it from a storytelling standpoint, but it still sucks.
2023-04-03 09:31:33
fucking crazy movie
2023-10-23 10:08:29
I watch this movie atleast once a year and I love it every time
2023-02-23 08:20:15
Hit Girl is a bad ass
2023-03-25 10:46:45
I loved Big Daddy and Hit Girl.
2023-03-25 10:48:22
Nicholas Cage as Big Daddy was very reminiscent of Adam West as Batman.
2023-09-03 10:41:49
Big Daddy looks like Batman